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                              Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote Review

Finding the right luggage for your trip can be the difference between getting everything there and back in one piece of having a nightmare situation due to built quality and design issues. Traveling can take a big toll on you but it also can take a bigger toll on your luggage. Your luggage will be handled by people at the airport which might not be that considerate when loading and unloading it. Let's face it, they probably just throw everything around and don’t really consider the contents of each luggage.
This is where purchasing the right luggage will be the difference between having all your items staying safe or having all of your items get smashed around and potentially damage. You want to find the perfect balance between the capacity of the luggage, the style and design of the luggage, as well as the affordability which will not leave your wallet empty. In this review article, I will go over everything you need to know about this luggage which will aid you in making the best choice for your particular needs.

The Top Features You'll Find With This Luggage

This Olympia Luggage Rolling is made of a very high-quality polyester. Some of the main benefits of polyester fabric are that it is very durable and possess a high tensile strength. Polyester is also very easy to clean which you can expect to do when traveling. It features a nylon lining which also offers superior durability as nylon to is a very strong material which makes it great for luggage. This luggage features a zipper closure which will keep all of your items safe and sealed. The best part of all is that zippers allow you the ability to use a lock for extra protection from theft.

                                    Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote Review

Luggage Design And Style

This luggage has a very basic black style. It doesn't have any patterns or extra features that you see in more designer luggage. This might detour some from purchasing this luggage while it may attract others who are just looking for a luggage and not a fashion statement. Most of the time this is a good thing because it draws less attention and blends in with the rest as opposed to having a luggage that stands out with design that will draw more attention from potential thieves.

Luggage Size

This luggage is larger in size then your average luggage which makes it great for longer travels where you require more clothing and supplies. The luggage stands 20 inches high and is 15 inches wide which is a very good size. The weight of the luggage when it is completely empty is 4.3 pounds which is pretty standard when it comes to luggage. This is considered to be light-weight as far as luggage is concerned. The luggage has a very high capacity and comes with a lot of storage space.

The Pros And Cons Of The Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper Tote

Most of this section will cover the good aspects but with all products there is always something you could consider a con. Here I will go over a few other aspects of this luggage which will help in your decision to purchase this luggage.


•    It is made of very high quality material. Having a durable material is very important when it comes to traveling. You want something that can stand the abuse that it will incur while simultaneously keeping the luggage light-weight.
•    It has the ability to be pushed or carried around the shoulder. Some people would prefer to carry while other would prefer to push it on it's wheels. So you have the best of both worlds in this design.
•    Sturdy design build. This luggage can be stood up and left standing without falling over. This can be very convenient because a luggage that doesn't do this requires extra attention.


•    Some users have reported issues with the construction of the handle and that it comes out when you don't want it to. This could be due to pulling to hard with too much weight but I bet this isn't a very common thing if you're carrying average loads.
•    While the polyester used for this luggage is tough, polyester is considered to be a cheaper material that you would find on higher end luggage such as Tarpaulin.
•    This luggage is not waterproof so you must make sure that it does not get wet otherwise your belongings will get wet.

Frequently Asked Questions You May Have Regarding This Luggage

Does this luggage come in any different colors?

Yes! This luggage comes in different colors and styles. This luggage comes in red, butterfly, giraffe, houndstooth, flower, leopard, zebra black, seashell, and windmill. For specifics on exactly what each of these design styles looks like please see product page for photos.

Will this luggage be suitable for locations where it rains or snows a lot?

This luggage is made of polyester which is not water resistant. This doesn't mean you can not use it in locations that experience rain on a regular basis, it just means you can not leave it out in the rain to get soaked. This will definitely damage your belongs if it stays wet for too long.

My Conclusion On The Olympia Luggage Rolling Shopper

This is a very nice luggage which would be perfect for any trip where you require extra space due to longer stays. The construction is well built and you can expect this luggage to last you a very long time. While it is built of mainly polyester, it is still high quality and looks very nice. One of the nicest things about this luggage is all of it's design styles. It has a style for everyone that can be found on the product page. The cost is very reasonable at under $60 which makes this an excellent option for those looking for reliability and affordability within the same package. I highly recommend this model and would encourage you to give it a try.

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